Tuesday, October 26, 2010

weekly blog

Today we were watching a movie about the Holocaust in Germany. The project was called paper clip. A middle school in Whit will, Tennessee is collecting paper clips for the 6 million people who died in the concentration room. Every day the students got letters and paper clips from people from all over the world even famous people like Bill Cosby , ex president Bush etc. The movie was interesting and sort of sad. It was a good movie.
After the movie was over we searched for websites about our game topics. My game topic is global warming. We went to brain pop and we watched videos about our game topics. I watched 10 videos about global warming. I'm doing a game topic about global warming because we are dealing with this issue all around the world.What I been working on globaloria is taking notes for my game topic. What I succeeded in class is learning more about making a mini game. What is hard about it is keeping up with the class. My success at school is making a carrot move to the left and right. The challenging thing about it is knowing what to do. What I'm looking forward to is making a real game.What I been working on is making my carrot move straight.The challenge for me was keeping up with the class. I got lost on step number 3.