Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Lightning Theif

We were watching this movie called Percy Jackson and The Olympians: The Lightning Thief. Percy Jackson was a troubled dyslexia kid. They went to a museum and they saw ancient Greek stuff. That's when Mrs. Dodds turned into a ugly bat like thing. Percy's teacher Mr. Brunner help Percy. Then Percy and his friend Grover whent to Percys house. Grover is a satyr that protects Percy. So Percy's mom takes him to a camp called camp half blood. While they were going to the camp a minotaur was chasing them and captured Percy's mom. Mr.Brunner a Centaur told Percy that Zues thinks he stold the bolt from him and if he doesn't give it back by summer solstis there was going to be a war. So on the way to go to the under world to get Percys mom the wen't against Medusa, five headed monster, and the lotus hotel. When they went to the under world percy thrugh a shield that Like let him borrow and it busted and the lightning bolt was in the shield. Hadis the God of the under  world got it and his wife it him with the bolt and they escaped from there. Percy returned the bolt in time before the war started.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cruz Azul

The best team in the world is Cruz Azul. If you don't go for Cruz Azul then fine but i'm just letting you know who the best soccer team is.  They have won 8 Primer Division Copas, 5 CONCACAF champions league, Copa Libertadores: Runner ups, Copa Interamericana:Runners-Up, Copa Pachuca: 5 (record)
Copa mexico: 2 CampeĆ³n de Campeone. Those are all the champoinships so far but they are gonna win the next primer division championship. These are the team members. 1. Jose de Jesus Corona 2. Fausto Pinto 3. Marcelo Palau 4. Julio Cesar Dominguez 5. Alejandro Castro 6. Gerardo Torrado 7. Javier Aquino 8. Gonzalo Pineda 9. Isaac Romo 10. Christian Gimenez 11. Alejandro Vela 12. Guillermo Allison 13. Allam Bello 14. Nestor Araujo 16. Rogelio Chavez 17. Diego de la Cruz 18. Cesar Villaluz 19. Hugo Droguett 20. German Rodriguez 21. Hector Gutierrez 22. Adrian Cortes 23. Hiram Mondragon 24. Luis Alanis 25. Yosgart Gutierrez 26. Waldo Ponce 27. Javier Orozco 28. Gienir Garcia 29. Martin Galvan 30. Emanuel Villa ?? Nestor Vidrio. The Best ones are # 1,7,10,11,18,19,25,26,27, and # 30 but they are all the best.